Последнее путешествие в Европу

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Европа является предпочтительным местом для туристов среди туристов из-за разнообразных культур, знаменитых поездок по железной дороге, кофе и других замечательных приключений. В Европе кофе был назван напитком Сатаны, когда он был впервые представлен в 1615 году. Поддержка врачей привела к росту кофейни в Европе и вокруг нее.

Путешественнику, который является новичком в Европе, не будет испытывать трудности с навигацией дорог, так как это легко найти места. По сравнению с Соединенными Штатами, Европа не настолько обширна, но количество аттракционов привлекает туристов в это увлекательное место каждый год. В Европе есть экзотические места и удивительные номера, чтобы совершить любой праздник, в последнюю минуту или иначе, приятным и увлекательным.

В последние минуты отпуска стоимость проживания и путешествия отличается. Германия дорогая по сравнению с Испанией, но дешевле с точки зрения размещения. Туристы действительно получают хорошие скидки на отели и бронирование авиабилетов в режиме онлайн.

Люди приезжают сюда, чтобы увидеть и поразиться чудесам мира. В Париже это Эйфелева башня высотой 300 м. Он выделяется в нескольких фильмах, образовательных каналах, журналах, портретах и ​​песнях.

Стоимость билетов в оба конца обычно ниже, чем в обычных тарифах. Есть много недорогих пакетов. В США стоимость авиабилетов начинается от $ 599 от Чикаго, Далласа, Лос-Анджелеса и Сан-Франциско до Праги, Парижа, Ниццы, Мадрида и Барселоны. За менее чем 699 долларов рейсы летают из США в Милан, Турин, Венецию, Неаполь и Рим. Поездки в Лондон стоили менее $ 389 из США. Из-за привлекательных дисконтированных схем их можно сделать дешевле. Небольшое исследование в Интернете приводит к тому, что турист захватывает очень привлекательные предложения. Аукционы также проводятся, чтобы снизить цены. Поскольку доллар является мировой признанной валютой, он может легко конвертироваться.

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  • How does one do this research other than to hear what others have to say? As far as I'm concerned, buyer be aware, do your homework, have your checklist, snag list, do your research, go through your check in detail accompanied by a 2nd qualified person. If this takes several hours so be it. The caveat, do not part with your money until you are entirely satisfied that everything works as it should do and if it doesn't you'll come back to complete the deal when it is. Bottom line, no dealer can be trusted.

  • I’m sorry to hear of yet another problem with ,what can only be called COWBOYS. My wife and I were going to buy a HYMER but having visited. Travel world last year we decided not to . God only knows what they are going to be like when they have Dethleffs there as well.You do have a lot more rights, you take the who van back and demand your money back, I know this may cause you some problems initially but you would be rid of them all together. If you went down the legal route you could get a van from a dealer who wasn’t going to try and rip you off. Obviously a lot of research into the dealer first would be required.good luck

  • Steve I would contact Trading Standards ,you have consumer rights .

  • Yet another example of caravan/motorhome dealers being dishonest. We have also had our fill of it this year. I feel the whole industry needs a kick up the backside. Currently in France and met a CAMC director who said buy from a local dealer, all caravans have big snag lists so you need to be nearby! That's before the lies start.

  • Or even buy new ones oops too much wine againxx😋

  • Hi there they really are an absolute nightmare what a shoddy unreliable outfit. Avoid at all costs? Python new ones so you've got peace of mind. Pippin looks like she's got the best seat. 😃Xx

  • Hi Steve. I can understand your frustration about the batteries. But to be honest, I would contact Travelworld and tell them that you will be calling in to collect the two 110 leisure batteries that they should of supplied. Someone within the company fitted those two 95’ s. It would be well worth looking at your order form or pdi report to see if it states what batteries were fitted.
    And for them, customer service to you would be something they should aim for. Just a thought as I watched your vlog.
    Take care and keep them coming.

  • http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/how-does-a-battery-work.php

    It is worth having a look at this site, it is full of excellent info and might help with the battery problem.

  • You must put TroubleWorld behind you and work with what you have. It’s clear that most dealerships are below average and at best, do as they say on the tin. Only a very few are able to offer first class service and they are like hens teeth. We wish you well and you will no doubt overcome your painful experiences by putting the faults right yourself. Trev & Sue 👍🏻

  • Frustrating and angry😡. You're probably not the first and not the last that Trouble World have taken advantage of. Chin Up.😎

  • Morning all😊,all I will say here is I feel your pain Steve. My past comments on this subject of terrible customer CARE!!,brings it all back at your present venue of chelston👎👎👎,but it is hoped things are better ,and if needed YOU get good advice if needed their Steve,.
    It's laughable …..why is it the more bucks you pay the less the care ,yet we bought an old trade in from chelston yonks ago ,parked round the back of building,and on collection it looked like new ,most bits renewed.maybe they didn't want to see the old bone back😃yet……
    Move on many years when we had more £££,it's as if well if they can afford that model just give it the once over x we will make money on the return services ect!.As i said ,I am sure there are many happy chelston customers out their ….sadly I ain't one of them !!
    Good advice given in comments here Steve ,I agree with rejigging what you got ,at least present batteries haven't let you down .
    Watch that blood pressure of yours TW…..are NOT worth it …..all the best ☺👍👏

  • The Bosch L series and the Varta LFD range. They have unique technology inside that results in higher performance than almost all other Lead Acid batteries: longer life, greater real power, more efficient with faster charging times. They can charge up to twice as fast as conventional batteries and they don't self-discharge or vent ANY Gas or fluid.
    These are safer inside the habitation area than a Gel or AGM battery. http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/battery-technology.php

  • Oh no!! the dreaded Trouble-World strikes again😠

  • Just popped over to TRAVELWORLD'S Website. Under Careers Portal they have advertised for Apprentice Sales Persons (2 positions) Job description: The desire to become a successful Sales person is paramount. The Caravan & Motorhome industry is run by a series of complex legal guidelines, being able to fully understand these is essential to your future success. Initially, your apprenticeship will start by joining our “Handover department” in which you will introduce customers to their new vehicle and explain in detail exactly how everything on the vehicle works/operates (full on-the-job training will be provided). As your technical knowledge increases you will be introduced to the Travelworld sales process and will work alongside our highly skilled and experienced sales team to learn: . .*''The Travelworld way of selling these Prestige products and services''.*

  • Write to TW with complaint. Brand new you should have receipt to have guarantee for the batteries. Insist that they cover the cost of two new Lesiure batteries as agreed. If they don't I really would report to trading standards. Take them to a small claims court. You have a clear cut case.

  • I suggest you hold on to them Steve and add another identical Bosch 95AmH to the pack. Why throw away money when you have two nearly new batteries? As was rightly mentioned by another subscriber, Jackie Harvey already, what is your Charge Controller (Seargent) capable of, is 3 x 95AmH batteries within its limitations on EHU and could it handle an upgrade to 200 watts of Solar? I'm guessing if it's over 20 Amps there should be no problem.

  • Hi SteveYou should be fine with the Batteries you have got. If you’re not already aware of, take a look at aandncaravanservices.co.uk You will find a lot of information under the heading Battery Technology. A very informative website well worth a read. It explains why 110ah batteries are not always the best option. We have AGMs in our Hymer at the moment, but will be changing to the sealed Bosch or Varta wet acid L batteries in the future.

  • Sadly TW seriously lie once. There word, Never to be trusted.

  • Troubleworld how are these people still in business? Steve take to twitter let everyone know about travel world biggest bunch of knobbers out ( sorry about the knobbers comment ) 😀

  • So sorry to hear about that, quite understandably your discovery has tarnished your day somewhat. If I was you, I would continue with the 2 x 95AmH batteries, they have served you well so far and I am sure you will certainly get well past the summer and even way beyond that. Save your money, flog the arse out of them and when you're ready coming into the late Autumn or Winter then you can consider investing in perhaps 3 x quality, ie' Bosch or Varta 110AmH batteries. You're looking at anywhere between £100 – £120 a pop or even more, that's a lot of dosh, so hold off as long as possible. I certainly wouldn't be buying any batts at Chelston Motor Homes thank you very much but you can always pick their brains for advice. Oh, and BTW, if you haven't got one already, buy yourself a little hand held battery Volt meter on Amazon, not expensive and something you will always have.
    I personally wouldn't trust anyone selling batteries, if new batteries are not reading at least 12.7 volts on test, (my test) then my wallet stays in my pocket until I find what I'm looking for.
    I would choose Varta or Bosch but I'm sure there are other good brands out there such as Exide or Lucas. I note from a screenshot on your vid that your batts are Bosch, so that's not all too bad, but if they are car batteries as you say and not auxiliary leisure batteries well then they shouldn't be in there. Clearly, they are Not AGM batteries as TRAVELWORLD had wrongly informed you they were

  • Sorry to hear about the problem with the batteries, but have to say I kept getting distracted by cute little Pips in the window behind you 🙂

  • A real eye opener isn't it… makes you wonder how some people sleep at night. Just carry on doing what your doing Steve, there's plenty of time to renew batteries if you need to. Good luck mate ;))

  • Hi Steve, It would appear that you have normal sealed lead acid batteries,they will be just VRLA ( valve regulated lead acid) Adjust your charging mode to lead acid and run them till they fail, it's the cheapest option. They should have at least another four or five years of life in them, maybe more depending on how you look after them,so it's not necessary to buy new batteries now,If you want to increase your storage capacity, make sure that if you think of adding another battery , that the total Amp hours doesn't go beyond the rating of the the EHU charger or the solar charge controller, it is always best if you add another battery for it to be the same make and Ah as the existing setup. It's a real pain when you have been lied to by so called professionals, but at this stage there is not a lot you can do……and do you really need the agro. My motto when I was in business was…….it takes a long time to build up a good name, but you never live a bad one down.So Troubleworld are on their way down. Regards Phil.

  • Incrediably Unbelievable, one can only imagine your feelings when you discovered this, I would be infuriated to boiling point. A Micky Mouse operation with a bunch of lying Sobs.
    On the basis that you understood these batteries to be 110AmH, you could have unknowingly and quite easily depleted them well below the recommended 50% capacity.
    This Travelworld crowd are just a bunch of chancers and con artists, how they are in business is a complete mystery to me.

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