Путешествие Биография Уилбериса и Топ-10 песен


The Traveling Wilburys – это не только одна из моих любимых групп, потому что они сделали очень хорошую музыку, но также потому, что группа состояла из некоторых из моих любимых артистов. Я начал слушать Wilburys, когда мне было около 15 лет, когда моя nanna получила мне гармонику, потому что мне нравится звук, который он делает, и я был в Боб Дилан. Гармоника – это один из инструментов, на которых я могу играть, и у меня все еще есть гармоника, которую мне дала Анна, и по-прежнему играю ее иногда.

Уилбери были составлены из Боба Дилана, Тома Петти, Роя Орбисона, Джефф Линн и Джордж Харрисон, и сотрудничество в моих глазах – одно из лучших, которое есть или когда-либо будет. Все члены Wilburys преуспели в своей собственной сольной карьере, в которую я войду в будущие должности.

За время, когда Wilburys были вместе (это было всего лишь короткое время), они сделали всего 2 студийных альбома, которые были Путешествие Wilburys Vol.1 и Vol.3. Vol.2 и Vol.4 также были выпущены, но были сборниками альбомов. Vol.2 содержали демонстрационные и расширенные версии песен песен из Vol.1 и Vol.4, были выходными из Vol.3. Был также новый сборник, выпущенный в 2007 году под названием The Traveling Wilburys Collection.

Случай Wilburys, сформированный случайно, когда Рой, Джордж и Джефф встретились в студии Боба Дилана, чтобы помочь записать B-Side для выхода трека Джорджа Харрисона Это любовь. Причина, по которой Том Петти был вовлечен, заключалась в том, что Джордж оставил свою гитару в Доме Тома.

«Семья» Уилбери состояла из Лаки Уилбери (Боб Дилан), Нельсона Уилбери (Джордж Харрисон), Левша Уилбери (Рой Орбисон) Отис Уилбери (Jeff Lynne) и Чарли Т. мл. (Том Петти). Они так много работали вместе, что решили собрать альбом (Vol.1), который был в 1988 году и был записан всего за 10 дней, незадолго до того, как Боб Дилан должен был отправиться в тур.

Когда Рой Орбисон умер в 1988 году помешало явное воссоединение Уилбери, и когда Том 3 был выпущен, Уилбери взял новые имена в честь Роя, а это значит, что они никогда не могут быть оригинальной семьей. Новые имена «семьи» были: Бу Уилбери (Bob Dylan), Спайк Уилбери (Джордж Харрисон), Клейтон Уилбери (Jeff Lynne) и Мадди Уилбери (Tom Petty).

Некоторые из самых популярных песен Wilburys – Handle With Care , «Уилбери Твист», «Ребенок никого», «Конец линии» и «Грязный мир».

Мои лучшие 10 песен, посвященных песням Wilburys:

01. Твитер и человек обезьяны

02. Убегай

03. Новая синяя луна

04. Уилбери Твист

05. Никто из детей

06. Максин

07. Грязный мир

08. Заголовок для света

09. Прошлой ночью


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  • Hi Mark, I love your videos and your family is beautiful. Thank you for all the useful information. I’m planning on taking a family trip to London and I was wondering your thoughts on the London pass.

  • Staying in a nearby town to save money on lodging also cost your time traveling too and from to place you want to see. Yes, staying in Vicenza will save money over staying in Venice, but you also become a "day traveler" in that instance and lose to spontaneous opportunities afforded by staying RIGHT THERE.
    When I travel to Italy, I always expect to pay the most for lodging in Venice. I bite the bullet and pay, usually staying at a mom & pop inn. This way I can stay out until midnight or later walking through the quite city. Or get to St Mark's Square early in the morning when there are ten other people, not ten thousand.
    You just have to decide what your purpose is. I travel on a tight budget but have decided I want to stay close and I pay accordingly. the cost is not always that outrageous. Of course, I'm not looking for or expecting luxury accommodations.
    Look around before you buy. you might be surprised what you can find at a better than reasonable price (50 meters from Duomo in Florence, two double beds, GREAT air con and last year, just 65 euro per night in the height of summer)

  • I am looking to buy the first trip ever for me and my girlfriend. We live in Spain and we want to see more of Europe. Please help me!

  • One other way we have found to save money In Europe is by having the kids bring their student IDs. A huge amount of places give a significant discount to students with a student ID. Lots of places are even completely free for students. But they do typically require the school ID, even if they are obviously school age.

  • video about finding cheap international flights? airfare to destination is always biggest barrier to travel

  • You are doing really good job.. Helping fellow travellers, appreciate it.. Love from India 🇮🇳

  • London's V&A Museum is free, and you can easily spend a few days there. And a way to save money on cell phones is to get a data-only plan and use WhatsApp. I was paying 30€ in France for 8GB of data, and using WhatsApp for phone calls when I was out, and the data when I was in an area with WiFi, and that lasted close to 3 weeks, and ended up actually costing less per month in the end than I pay in the US!

  • Hostels are also good if you are travelling on a budget, that's what I usually do when I go somewhere.

  • The railway pass is good advice. I was going to use a railway pass but it would have ended up costing almost three times as much as buying the tickets individually. Don't automatically assume a pass is going to save money.

  • Not gonna lie, I am actually one of those people who enjoys cooking while I'm on vacation. Its interesting to see what ingredients you can get when you travel different places, try to imitate local dishes, and it gives you more of a feel of what its like to live there, because in a lot of countries, eating out is a big deal and is relatively infrequent (although this is starting change due to globalization). My family went to Italy a few years ago and we did this. As an American, I found it interesting how most of the grocery stores in Italy are really small compared to the ones in the US. We ate out quite a bit on our trip, but a good portion of our meals were homemade. We saved around a few hundred euros by doing this.

  • Thanks again 😊 for such great information . What a blessing for you & your family to travel together such a Awesome learning experience.😊

  • Mark, love your videos. You are truly doing a service for all current and aspiring travelers.

    Just wanted to comment, my wife and I had an awesome experience with public transportation in Rome. We stayed a little outside the city center, however our place was right next to a tram station that connected to Termini. It was a breeze to use (once I understood how). A one way trip (includes tram, metro, bus transfers) is only 1.50 euro! Can't beat that!

    Mini rant – It feels like I am being ripped off here in the states, I live in the Washington D.C. area. For example, a one way trip from the suburbs to the Smithsonian costs $6.00 one way during peak hours. Not to mention it takes forever (fewer trains and 10+ stops). At the time of this writing it would take 44 minutes to go 18 miles on Metrorail according to their official trip planner tool (Shady Grove to Smithsonian).

    Mass transit tip for Rome: Most tram stations/buses do not have ticket machines. However, tickets are readily available for purchase at any tobacco shop (about just as common as Starbucks in the us) without markup. You MUST buy this in advance before getting on the tram! What I did, after getting into the groove of things, was purchase an extra set of BIT passes while on the return trip at Termini for the next day. The clock does not start until they are validated for the first time (100 minutes from validation).

  • I'm leaving for Vienna next week!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How do i go about renting an apartment? Are there specific sights?

  • Great tips, especially about the food! I bought some cheese, a baguette and some chicken from a market and had a picnic on the river Seine. It was great eating great food while seeing Notre Dame. Your videos are excellent!

  • I rarely eat out at restaurants because of expense — I just go to grocery stores. Also when I was in nice, I took a city bus to Monaco which was only two euros. Lastly, in Rome for example, we would got a room that had a good breakfast, and you can take some of that food with you for throughout the day ( bread, cheese, fruit Etc ).

  • Look into WhatsAp.
    Texting and calling
    You can use anywhere you have internet

  • Hey Mark, my son and I are planning a trip to England then Scotland to trace or ancestry during the summer after he graduates high school. I happened upon one of your videos. Your content was informative, enlightening and engaging. So much so that I ended up watching 5 more of your videos packed with great travel tips. Here's the thing, were not even going on this trip till summer, 2019. It's months till we have to prepaid. You're good, you.
    Thanks so much for all the great info. This is our first trip abroad so what you are doing is invaluable and so appreciated.
    Keep up the great work and God bless.

  • hi Mark,

    Big fan of your contents
    Could you give us some advice where to go for day-trip from Paris? we are going on November and will stay in Paris for a week.
    we are already thinking about Versailles and might need 1 more place to go.

    Thank you

  • One neat tip for London tourists. Get an Oyster card! It's a card that allows you to use public transportation. Card is free and the maximum daily charge allowance is 6.70£ instead of 12.50£ for a daily travel card. Toilets aren't free so when needed get to the first coffee shop and get a coffee so you do pay to pee but at least you get also a coffee 😉

  • Sometimes the savings are negligible but booking flights/hotels using an incognito/in private browser can save some cash. Booked a flight recently using a private browser and it was £8 cheaper than using a public browser. Internet companies track your cookies and can bump up the price of searches you have looked at multiple times. These small savings add up and will pay for a beer or two in a destination :D.

    Also, use the Skyscanner "everywhere" and "cheapest month" options when searching for flights. I have booked return flights from Edinburgh to Germany (£18), France (£20), Norway (£26) and Denmark (£30) using this technique. It can take you to destinations away from the tourist traps and for HUGE savings.

  • In my experience museums in Europe usually aren't all that expensive. Some are free for everybody (e.g. British Museum, National Gallery, Tate and many others in London), others have discounts for students, families, young people (often free for children or EU citizens under 26) and/or senior citizens. In some cities/countries museums are free on a specific day of the month so check ahead and plan your trip accordingly. Students should also check if they need a specific international student ID (like ISIC) to get discounts or if their regular student ID will do and also note that sometimes admission is free for students with specific majors like art, history or archaeology (and your student ID usually won't state your major so it's possible to fib ;-))
    But generally I agree that you should pick museums/attractions that genuinely interest you. If you don't care about art at all it's probably not worth it to go to the Louvre just to take selfies with the Mona Lisa 😉

    For people visiting multiple cities/countries in one trip a good way to save money and still have a good time is to always try to alternate cheap and expensive places (e.g. capitals vs smaller towns) and adjust day schedules and spending habits accordingly. For the expensive cities plan out your days ahead of time so you can fit a lot of sights and activities into fewer days. Eat street food or supermarket food to save money and time. Then when you get to the cheaper place you can spoil yourself a little to recharge your batteries. Get the hotel room with the view (that's still cheaper than the basic one in the expensive city…) and have a nice meal at a restaurant. Have a lazy day where you sleep in, spent a few hours at a park enjoying the sun, walk around with no plan and see where it takes you . You're not spending a fortune each day just to be there so it's fine to relax… This way you'll be ready for a packed schedule when you get to to your next more expensive destinations.
    With this method you can see a lot on a budget without burning yourself out 🙂

  • Good video! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to notice this amazing content. We produce Travel & Food videos too, across the globe, and so we are always aiming for inspirations and techniques. Thank You.

  • Yes, book your trains in England and France way ahead of time. I got nice first-class trips for less than a regular ticket on the day of travel.

  • Some additional tips (and these are all very solid, especially the buying from grocery stores bit – I've just been back in Estonia for a few weeks celebrating my other country's 100th independence day, and I can tell you I would have spent hundreds more if I'd gone to 3 restaurants a day for my meals vs buying some rosolje, bread, 1,80 euro cheese, a few snacks and fish and such for less than 20 euros which fed me for several days):

    1. Walk more. No, seriously. I know this is a difficult concept for Americans but…in Europe, people tend to walk a lot more, and i a lot of the old town areas of European cities, you can save a lot on taxis and actually see a lot of things you'd have missed if you had been just taking a bus, train, or taxi across town directly to tourist location B…and if you're staying somewhere for weeks or longer, just relax and take walks. Most of the best things in any city are NOT actually found around the tourist destinations.

    2. Travel in WINTER. I know, it might seem too cold for you, but man or woman up, bring sweaters and long pants to go under your clothes, a good winter coat, and you can save a LOT on your plane tickets vs going in summer – and BONUS…you avoid the annoying gaggles of tourists that come with summer. I got married in 2016, December, on Santorini, Greece and went all around Italy, Denmark, Amsterdam, and Estonia and it cost a fraction of what it would have in the summer, and we had a whole Greek island more or less to ourselves with some locals and the odd more adventurous tourist couple who was willing to go. And, in the aegean, December really isn't that cold at all. We had sunshine and blue skies on our wedding day and it was gorgeous, even without a coat. In December. Likewise, to give an idea of how much it can save you…when I go to China with my wife to see my in-laws, we often go in winter. Well, in winter, if you order in advance, you can find a ticket to China from the U.S., depending on where you live, for between $1100 n the center of the continent to about $700 on the west coast. If you went in the SUMMER…you could easily expect to pay $1500 to $2000 or more depending on where you leave from and how far in advance you book. I've seen tickets to china go over $3,000.

    3. Travel the road lesser known. Often, less visited countries will be a lot more affordable to stay in. Do you know what a hotel in the old town of Tallinn, Estonia cost me in December? At three Crowns residents, I stayed for about 32 euros a night. On this most recent trip, I used airbnb for about a week also and spent 12 euros a NIGHT and didn't even have to share a room with 12 other people as you often will with a hostel. Hostels CAN save you a lot of money but….if you are a private person like me, it just doesn't work well. ALSO another GREAT reason to avoid hostels: bed bugs and germs. Seriously. You don't know where these other travelers have been or what they brought with them, and you don't want to be stuffed in a room full of bunkbeds with 12 to 20 other people from all over the world who are all sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and so on. TRUST me when I say yo dont want to get sick on your travels – it ruins the whole trip – and it is very very easy to GET SICK because when you fly, your immune system is compromised from the stress and change in environment. I remember once I got sick in China and for about a week I was MISERABLE and could barely speak and my nose was running constantly after I kissed an elephant on the cheek on Yunnan province. I don't know if i got the illness from the elephant, but it wasn't a good time.

    I know Americans LOVE to visit western Europe….but there ARE other places on the planet that are just as if not MORE beautiful and interesting and steeped in history. I've done the whole Rome and Venice and Florence thing, and they're nice, but eastern Europe has a LOT of beauty and history and buildings that most Americans will never, ever see in their lives because the only thing they can think of when it comes to travel is the cliched tourist destinations like Paris and London and Rome. How many Americans, after all, have been to Tallinn, or Riga, or Vilnius, or gone on a tour of Chernobyl (yeah you can do that)? How many Americans have even HEARD of these places?

    And the fact that most Americans will never in their lives set foot in many of these parts of eastern Europe, or in more remote, less touristy parts of Asia, makes your trip all the more unique and special. Do you know how many facebook feeds are loaded with the SAME PHOTOS of the SAME LANDMARKS that every American tourist goes to in Paris, London, Barcelona, Mexico, the Caribbean, etc? How many photos are there out there of some doofus pretending to hold up the leaning tower, or to hold the Eiffel tower in their hand, or of their goofy looking tourist head under a xiong mao hat on a very crowded great wall? And they think they're worldly and traveled – but really, they've just done what everyone else did. Now, how many photos from friends and family have you seen somewhere like Tartu, Estonia – a city with a thousand years of history of its own, or Valka, Latvia, or anywhere in Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia, etc?

    My point is…if you travel to less common locations and keep it simple and walk a lot, you will likely come away from there with a very different experience than most people will have and you will have to deal with fewer tourist crowds in your way, and have better price points as well.

    FINAL tip is….on sites like priceline…take advantage of their "blind tickets" – wherein you look for the lowest prices and you don't necessarily have, aside from the date range, have any control over when the flight leaves, when it gets there, where it stops and for how long, but you CAN save a lot of money. My recent trip which took me to Frankfurt, Germany (twice), and then to Estonia cost me just $715 – whereas if I'd taken the more "controlled" route, where I could CHOOSE more, I'd have paid about $300 to $400 more – and I didn't even buy that far in advance – I could have saved more if I'd bought earlier. The DOWNside (or upside depending on how you look at it) is you may find yourself with half a day or a day to kill in some city in Germany, which I did, and you know what? I'm glad for it. I got to get out, find a lebkuchen schmidt's shop, have a nice walk around Frankfurt, go to the zoo, shop for some books and snacks, go to some restaurants and street stands, and still had plenty of time to get back for my flight. And on the way back, I got to stop in Frankfurt again and could spend more time there. Wasn't originally part of the plan, but hey, I'm glad it happened.

  • I'm staying in London for a week but I balanced it out by going to Poland first and then cheeper places in the UK like York and Scotland.

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